Ransom My Heart Trailer

Ransom My Heart Chapter 10 Author Reading

This scene takes place at the slaves’ church social on the property of Micah’s master. The main character Timothy strikes up a conversation with Micah, who is planning to propose to Ruth before the evening is over. This is from Timothy’s point of view.

Ransom My Heart Chapter 21 Author Reading

In this scene, Haven is dreamily waiting for Timothy to come calling on her after a month of not seeing him. The last time they did see each other, they’d had a terrible quarrel that turned out to be a misunderstanding on Haven’s part. This is from Haven’s point of view.

Shelter My Heart Chapter 6 Author Reading

In this scene, Timothy is accosted in the middle of the night by two slave catchers in the backyard of a home that serves as an Underground Railroad station.

Forever My Heart Chapter 14 Author Reading

In this scene, Alifair, who is recovering from a sexual assault, receives an unexpected visit from her best friend Nancy.


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