Can one man’s vile act destroy another man’s future?
Can it taint a woman’s virtue?
Can the innocence of a child mend a broken promise?

There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear. (1 John 4:18)

While slave auction blocks like Cheapside fade into history, the Underground Railroad flourishes in the shadows. The War Between the States rages on. There are heroes, and there are villains. War crimes abound. There are victims. Many victims, like widowed Alifair Brooks, are women.

Shame silences Alifair as she fights a war on another front—her own private war—deep inside her soul. She loves her fiancé, Harrison Haywood, too much to hold him to his promise even though he desperately wants to help her heal. Must she break his heart to set him free? But what about her little son? Sam’s bond with Harrison is just as powerful as the love that binds them all together. Where can she run to make a breakup less painful? How can she erase the memory?

This is Alifair’s story.


A vast array of emotions as one journeys with the different scenarios of the characters. You did an excellent job addressing how a woman would feel after being raped, particularly in the 1860’s. My favorite one in the three book series. (Pamela Mayor)

Forever My Heart, the third book in the Cheapside collection written by Judy McCoy Gerlach was a great book to read. The characters in Forever My Heart were also in her first two books; Ransom My Heart and Shelter My Heart. She makes you feel like they are real people and even people you may have known.
Alifair and Harrison faced some of the same challenges many people currently live with including hatred, war, being a single parent and assault. They were able to overcome these challenges with the true love they had for each other. I recommend if you haven’t read her first two books you do so and if you have read them make sure to read the third one. (Diane V.)


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