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  1. Judy, what a great story. The innocence of youth combined with the memories of our small little piece of this earth. I never knew the story of the McCoys. I have often bragged about the song. I guess I thought it originated from Greenville not Union City & I thought your last name was connected to it I guess maybe because of Ken & the OSU band playing it. Thanks for setting the record straight for me.
    What a wonderful story & memory for you Thanks for sharing.

    • Nancy, thank you! A lot of us always wondered why they called themselves the McCoys, including me. It was not that long ago that Greg decided to send Rick a message and ask him that question, the answer being because of the title of that one song Rick talks about in the documentary preview video (which I’d never heard of before). I’m glad you enjoyed the story!

  2. I have never heard this story! How cool was all that!! Loved it!
    My family farm is near Union City. My dad farmed with my grandpa and even though our houses were only about 5 miles apart when my grandpa semi-retired we switched houses so I lived with my grandparents my senior year so I didn’t have to pay tuition as their farm house was in the Mississinawa Valley school district.. My older sister, Kathy, graduated with Greg, and I graduated from Greenville but my 3 younger siblings graduated from MV. So, I know Union City well.

    • Hi, Kay. Thanks for reading! I’m really glad you were able to attend and graduate from Greenville with us. I know Kathy, too. Greg and I are Facebook friends with her.

  3. Judy, this was just about the most fun thing I’ve read (and watched!) in YEARS!!! Love Greg’s graphics, too. This absolutely corroborates all the wonderful stories Ken had told me over the years regarding Rick D and all things “McCoy.” Thank you for making me smile!!! Love you tons!

    • Brenda, I thought maybe you’d get a kick out of reading this! Thanks so much. Ken has probably told you more stories that involve me that I’ve long forgotten about, haha. Love you.

  4. Oh Judy, what an adventure and one to remember for sure. I’m think i know who Becky is. You two always were the quiet ones in school, or maybe not!! 🙂 I love your story. Hope your dad wasn’t mad for long.

    • Yes, you know Becky! I’m not much of a talker. Too busy scheming ways to get into trouble, haha. As for my dad, as long as we never brought up the incident (and maybe a few others), we had a great relationship! Thanks for commenting, Carol.

  5. Judy, my dad was a Nabisco salesman and met Rick several times because he was a bag boy at the local grocery. Dad said he was polite but I too always will remember Rick as a groovy Rock “N” Roll star.

    • Karen, that’s so cool. I think a lot of our parents knew him or his family in some way. Both my dad and my brother knew him from the local musician circles, and Greg’s dad knew Rick’s dad through some business with the Gerlach Chevrolet dealership in Versailles. So fun!

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